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Al Sancak Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 10

Boran initiates a dangerous action that threatens the lives of the entire team, while Captain Ali devises a big plan to find his brother Sedef. The lives of the Claw Team are in danger! Nadia’s shooting of Ali in front of the entire team undoubtedly leads to questioning of her credibility by the team members.

On the other hand, Boran, who has not settled the score with the Claw Team yet, will once again threaten the lives of the entire team and even attempt a big action to kill them all in front of Nadia’s eyes. Will Nadia be able to stop Boran’s action? Boran’s new target is Nadia! Having received the order to kill Mithat Sargon and his entire team from Thomas, Boran has killed Mithat, and now it’s Nadia’s turn.

Can Nadia escape from Boran? Captain Ali is devising a big plan to rescue his brother Sedef. Upon learning that his brother has been kidnapped, Captain Ali will mobilize to find him and face a surprise move. Ali, who promised his mother to save Sedef unharmed, will not hesitate to risk his life to keep his promise and come up with a big plan.

Watch Al Sancak Episode 10 Urdu

Moreover, an unexpected player will accompany him in this game. Sedef, on the other hand, will take a great risk to save both Cihangir’s daughter and her own life. Everything is turning upside down. Meanwhile, a mysterious person whom Thomas will meet will turn everything upside down.

This person is the one who will decide the fate of Nadia, the last survivor of Mithat’s team. Nadia, who goes to meet this person, will face such a surprise that she will have to question all the truths she knows, and her already chaotic world will become even more confusing.

Boran will ask Ali for the name of the informant in exchange for Sedef’s life. Ali, who must give the name of the informant to Boran, will take a big risk with General Sacit. How will the balances change after this risky move?

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