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Al Sancak Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 11

As the Claw Team and Octopus engage in a new conflict, Nadia is at a crossroads and must make a difficult decision. Boran has a brand new game plan! While the Claw Team devises a new plan to capture Boran, who was saved by Lilith at the last minute, Boran himself doesn’t sit idly by and begins to play a very dangerous game.

Meanwhile, Ali confronts his sister, Sedef, and during this confrontation, Sedef confronts her brother about what she heard while she was a prisoner of the Octopus. How will this confrontation affect the relationship between the two siblings?

Watch Al Sancak Episode 11 Urdu

The relentless showdown between the Claw Team and the Octopus continues! Once again, the Claw Team and the Octopus engage in a conflict surrounded by mind games and physical strength. This conflict brings Ali and Boran face to face again, and their relentless confrontation takes on a whole new dimension with Nadia’s involvement.

What decision will Nadia make? Nadia is faced with two major crossroads after obtaining life-changing information. Choosing a path will be extremely difficult for her because she will have to pay a heavy price and change the realities of her life from start to finish under both conditions.

Will the Claw Team and Nadia reunite? After all that has happened, the Claw Team unexpectedly reunites with Nadia under unusual circumstances. What will this encounter lead to?

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