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Al Sancak Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 12

As Pençe Timi and Nadia find themselves cornered in the building, they make a desperate plea for the building to be struck while Boran manages to escape his captors. Will Captain Eylül agree to fire? “Eagle Nine. Strike the building we are in!” With the sudden attack by the terrorists, Pençe Timi and Nadia are overwhelmed and run out of ammunition.

Captain Ali requests an F-16 to strike the building as a last resort. However, Combat Pilot Eylül is unsure of the request. Meanwhile, Boran takes advantage of the chaos and escapes from his captors. But he finds himself confronted by another group of terrorists who don’t recognize him. What will he do now?

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“We do not become captives!” Although Captain Eylül voices his doubts about bombing the building, Captain Cengiz convinces him that it is necessary to prevent Pençe Timi from becoming a captive. Pençe Timi has already sworn to drink the martyrdom potion instead of becoming a captive.

Ali attempts to convince Nadia that there is still a chance for her and that the terrorists won’t kill her, but Nadia refuses to leave. Instead, she tells Ali that she wants to die with him. As for Pençe Timi, they ask for forgiveness from each other. Will they be able to survive the attack?

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