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Al Sancak Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 13

“Nadia faces challenging times!” During her official informant period in prison, Nadia is unable to meet with Ali due to Sacit Pasha’s decision. What awaits Nadia in her new life after 44 days of imprisonment? What lies ahead for Nadia and Ali upon their long-awaited reunion?

“Claw Team on the trail of Emre” Intelligence officer Emre is kidnapped and held captive by the organization during an operation. Claw Team launches an overseas operation to rescue Emre. What surprises await Claw Team as they raid a major organization camp?

Watch Al Sancak Episode 13 Urdu

“Nadia’s new life” After her release from prison, Nadia finds refuge in Captain Ali’s home. Upon hearing about Nadia’s newfound freedom, Elizabeth demands the necklace. Will Nadia give the necklace with its significant secrets to Elizabeth?

“Confronting enemies face to face with Ali” Boran and Elizabeth’s plans to obtain the necklace are disrupted by Ali’s clever scheme during their meeting with Nadia. How will they react to this unexpected encounter with Ali? What will be Ali’s next plan after taking such a significant risk?

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