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Al Sancak Episode 14 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 14

Captain Ali’s move disrupts the balance Captain Ali makes an unexpected and game-changing move against the Octopus. His offer to the enemy is of a kind that will shake the balance. In exchange for delivering the microfilm hidden in the necklace at the center of the operation, he demands the release of intelligence officer Emre, who is held captive by the terrorist organization.

However, rescuing Emre from the clutches of the organization will not be easy. Can Ali, Nadia, and a reluctantly involved Boran save Emre from captivity through the operation? Will Captain Ali be able to free himself from the predicament he’s in? Elizabeth and Boran plan to kill Captain Ali after obtaining the microfilm containing the location information of nuclear weapons from the Cold War era.

Watch Al Sancak Episode 14 Urdu

Can Captain Ali realize the trap set for him? Is Elizabeth truly Nadia’s mother? Celebi, under Sacit’s orders, will investigate whether Gülseren is really dead or not. Sacit believes that Elizabeth’s mystery will be unraveled through this investigation. Is Elizabeth, as she claims, Nadia’s mother, Gülseren Turnali?

Nadia is caught between Ali and Elizabeth Nadia tries to understand Ali’s changing attitude throughout the process. Ali receives a direct order from Commander Sacit to capture Elizabeth. Nadia asks Ali for time to convince her mother to choose the right path.

When this request is not granted, tensions rise. Nadia finds herself torn between Ali and Elizabeth. As the conflict escalates, Ali and Nadia face each other. Will they be able to overcome this major crisis in their relationship without causing irreparable damage?

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