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Al Sancak Episode 16 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 16

Nadia saves Ali’s life

Nadia manages to save Ali’s life by narrowly evading Boran at the last moment. She then joins Boran’s team. Elizabeth and Boran are convinced that Ali is dead. This situation becomes the new trump card for the headquarters. Ali is made to appear as a martyr.

This way, they can take advantage of the enemy’s complacency. The Octopus prepares for the final heist, while the team prepares for the ultimate blow. Both Tim and Nadia are aware that they have reached the end of the road. Will Ali’s plan work?

The Octopus presses the button

The Octopus presses the button regarding the sale of nuclear weapons from the Cold War era that he discovered through the microfilm. Elizabeth instructs Nadia to retrieve the uranium that will be combined with the atomic bomb.

Watch Al Sancak Episode 16 Urdu

As Boran is chasing after their children, Nadia heads to the Middle East in his place. The headquarters, which has been aware of everything from the beginning, must now devise a game against the Octopus. Sacit Commander’s new plan!

Sacit Commander is determined to unravel the big game. In order to determine if Elizabeth is truly Gülseren or not, Sacit puts his testing idea into practice. Will Sacit be able to uncover Gülseren’s true identity?

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