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Al Sancak Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 4

As Ali Yüzbaşı finds himself stranded in enemy territory, Nadia meets Ali’s family. How will Ali Yüzbaşı escape the dire situation he’s found himself in with his parachute failing to deploy in enemy territory? Can the Claw Team come to Ali Yüzbaşı’s aid? And what surprise danger awaits them at Novak’s hangar where the Claw Team is waiting to carry out a missile ramp operation?

Will Nadia be able to assist the Claw Team? Meanwhile, Mithat’s pawn Novak, who plans to attack the Turkish Stream with a missile strike, is attempting to remove the missile ramp from his hiding place. What surprise danger awaits Captain Ali and the Claw Team as they attempt to stop Novak and prevent this dangerous operation? And how will Nadia assist them in escaping the dangerous situation?

Watch Al Sancak Episode 4 Urdu

As Nadia becomes closer to Ali’s sister Sedef, Ali becomes increasingly uncomfortable. Things get even more complicated when Sedef is assigned to Mithat Sargon’s case. Nadia’s surprise visit to Muazzez’s house for dinner further complicates matters. How will this affect Ali?

Meanwhile, Mithat is using Trevor to trap Nadia. What will be the turning point that leads Ali and Nadia down different paths as they struggle to locate the missile’s whereabouts?

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