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Al Sancak Episode 5 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 5

Nadia managed to hurt Ali’s conscience while Bahar is trying to persuade Süleyman. Meanwhile, Mithat finds out that Nadia is still alive. Ali, who is upset about Nadia’s family being involved, argues with her and gets an unexpected response. Nadia manages to hurt Ali’s conscience by telling him that she values him and cares about him before leaving.

Will Ali be able to bear Nadia’s departure? What will happen between Süleyman and Bahar? Their relationship will enter a new phase after a great ordeal. Will Bahar’s efforts be enough to persuade Süleyman? What will Pençe Timi do in response to this incident?

Watch Al Sancak Episode 5 Urdu

While all of this is happening, Berna will visit Ali’s house and, taking advantage of his absence, will explore the area and witness his secret world in the garage. Will what Berna learns cause trouble for Ali?

On the other hand, Nadia, realizing that Ali still doesn’t trust her, collaborates with Travor to carry out an individual operation to eliminate the missile threat. Pençe Timi also plans to carry out an operation in the same location, which they found out thanks to Aslı’s intelligence. When Ali goes to the operation site, he is surprised to see Nadia and Travor together. Selim, who witnesses Ali and Nadia’s argument, finally confronts Ali.

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