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Al Sancak Episode 6 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 6

Despite Sacit Komutan’s waning trust in Nadia, Ali defends her. Meanwhile, Mithat Sargon is on everyone’s mind, but Nadia wants to confront him. Despite Nadia’s injury from Kosovo, Ali meticulously tries to nurse her back to health and seeks information from her about Mithat Sargon and the Octopus organization.

Sacit Komutan’s trust in Nadia has been shaken, but Ali continues to defend her, putting his life on the line for the team. Will Nadia and Mithat come face-to-face? Trapped and exposed, Nadia decides to make a bold move and play her cards openly by inviting Mithat to confront her.

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Mithat Sargon is at the center of everyone’s attention! Everyone’s focus is on one name: Mithat Sargon. Ali tries to recall the details of the operation in which Atilla was martyred. In his mind, there is a blurred silhouette of the killer, and in his heart, the memory of Atilla. Sedef identifies the legal loophole the prosecutor is relying on to release Mithat and pursues it with determination.

The prosecutor is cornered by the Octopus. Thousands of innocent people are targeted by the Octopus! Can the Claw Team prevent this attack? The Octopus is preparing a large-scale operation under Mithat’s command to regain its lost reputation. As the plan is put into action step by step, the clock is set for Friday prayer time. The Claw Team sets out to thwart the attack, which will result in the deaths of thousands of innocents.

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