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Al Sancak Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 7

As the Claw Team is ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of thousands of innocent people, Mithat Sargon is pursuing new plans and goals. Meanwhile, Ali will learn through Nadia that Mithat is the killer of Atilla. The challenging mission of the Claw Team is to stop the Octopus’ bloody operation, putting themselves in a very difficult situation. However, each member of the team is willing to sacrifice their lives from yesterday to save the lives of thousands of innocents.

Sedef and Berna are threatened by Mithat Sargon, who doesn’t hesitate to target anyone he sees as a threat to his existence. Mithat plans to assassinate Berna through Amy, but it’s unclear whether this action will put Berna or himself in a difficult situation. Another name on Sargon’s hit list is Sedef, but instead of taking quick action to avoid the threat, Sedef has a different plan.

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What will be the outcome of the confrontation between Mithat and Nadia? Nadia takes precautions when she goes to confront Mithat, knowing that she will not come alone, but Mithat knows Nadia very well. How will the confrontation between Mithat and Nadia end?

Ali learns the truth about Atilla’s killer! Mithat Sargon is not afraid to play big games to regain his lost reputation in the eyes of the Octopus. Thanks to Nadia, Captain Ali will learn that Mithat is the killer of Atilla and will approach him with greater anger than ever before. Together with Nadia, they will create a complex game against Mithat. However, the foxes’ tails will become entangled, and they will face great danger as a result.

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