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Al Sancak Episode 8 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 8

As Ali and Nadia’s plan goes into action, Mithat starts to lose his power after receiving a blow from Ahtapot. Suddenly, Boran Karadeli appears and begins to establish himself in Mithat’s territory, taking steps to carry out a major and bloody operation.

Ali’s grand plan! Amy and Nadia, who kidnapped Thomas, have been hit by a raid from Pençe Timi, and chaos ensues. Thanks to this raid, Captain Ali’s plan will go into effect, and they will follow a new strategy woven with games of intelligence to prevent Nadia’s involvement in this plan from being discovered. Pençe Timi, who rescued Thomas from their hands, will make an unexpected move that will further confuse their minds.

After allowing Nadia and Amy to escape from there, Pençe Timi will get closer to hunting down Ahtapot with a surprising move they will make about Thomas. Boran Karadeli, who is after a big and bloody operation, will lose all of his reputation with Ahtapot after all these events.

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He will suffer a blow from the organization and face a bad surprise. Because someone else besides him will have a say in the region he was entrusted with; Boran Karadeli! Boran Karadeli, who has made a name for himself in the world by carrying out very bloody operations, will enter Turkey with a big and bloody operation that will turn all balances upside down.

Ali’s view of Nadia is changing, and Nadia is entering a period where she will be more open with Captain Ali than ever before. Thanks to what Ali has learned from Nadia, he looks at her with a different perspective for the first time, not as an informant.

Will Boran be able to get what he wants from Ali? After Mithat’s failures, fearless field man Boran Karadeli, whom Ahtapot has put into action, will confront Ali and launch a fearless attack to learn both his life and the informant’s name. Boran, who has never returned empty-handed from any operation, will be able to get what he wants from Captain Ali?

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