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Al Sancak Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 9

In the crosshairs of Boran, Sedef is the target, while the Paws Team and Nadia are face to face. Sedef is now in Boran’s sights! The Special Forces’ consecutive successful operations force the Octopus organization to make radical decisions. Quickly emerging as a new player in the game, Boran sets his sights on Prosecutor Sedef Banazlı, the sister of Captain Ali, as his first target. Can Ali protect his family from the looming danger?

During an operation where the National Defense Industry’s key figure, Professor Cihangir Yılmaz, who was kidnapped by the Octopus, was being transported in a helicopter, the Paw Team was forced to make an emergency landing on the border, which created a new crisis for the Octopus. For the Paw Team, this development is a great opportunity to rescue the hostage. Commander Sacit, who is leading the operation, mobilizes all resources to take advantage of this opportunity.

Will Nadia be able to learn about her mother’s fate? Mithat entrusts Nadia and Amy with the task of safely extracting the professor from his location and transporting him to the Octopus’ scientific base. The Octopus, who has sent Boran to the field, is also making internal calculations through Mithat. The information that is revealed is of vital importance to Nadia. Will she be able to learn about her mother’s fate?

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The Paw Team and Nadia face off! After the two parties, Captain Ali and the Paw Team also head towards the scene. The team is unaware of Nadia’s presence in the area, and this situation is pregnant with new surprises. How will the Paw Team react when they encounter Nadia? Can Captain Ali and Cihangir escape from this ordeal?

Mithat plays his last card to take revenge on the Paw Team, with Boran joining in, and the border turns into a great battlefield where everyone shares their cards. Can Captain Ali save his team and Cihangir from this hellish situation?

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