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Alparslan Episode 59 Urdu Subtitles

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Alparslan Episode 59

The Sacred Journey of Alparslan, who opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks…

When Seljuk Sultan Tuğrul Bey was about to appoint his heir, he received news that the Byzantines had massacred the Turkmen people. He immediately issues an order for a campaign to Anatolia. Mysterious assassins attack the Seljuk Meliks on their way to the campaign.

The traces of the attack lead Alparslan to an unexpected place. While pursuing the assassins, Alparslan saves the life of Akça, a Turkmen girl fleeing from Byzantine oppression. This becomes the first spark of the epic love between Alparslan and Akça. However, Alparslan is unaware of the secrets hidden behind Akça’s beauty.

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To resolve the issues with the Turkmen people, the Byzantine Emperor sends General Dukas and Captain Romen Diyojen to Ani. However, a mistake made by Yannis, the son of Ani’s Governor Kekavmenos, leads Sultan Tuğrul to make the decision to go to war.

Alparslan, who was promised glorious conquests in his childhood dreams, confronts the Byzantines with the Seljuk army in Pasinler. Pasinler will be the first step for Alparslan on his sacred journey to open the doors of Anatolia to the Turks.

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